agensi pekerjaan , a licensed manpower recruitment agency (Ministry of HR Licence No: 1560) was incorporated in 2002 with the main charter of creating a unifying platform of the many-faceted arena of manpower search and recruitment needs of organisations.  In line with the ever-growing dynamism of modern and globalised businesses, realises the new demands of manpower search and recruitment and is committed to fulfilling the manpower requirements of our clients with focused detail and attention.

The manpower search and recruitment will encompass local and foreign employees/workers from all levels, ranging from professionals, technical, skilled, semi-skilled, administrative and general workers.  We also are able to provide MLVK-trained employees and fresh graduates as required by organisations. As for foreign recruitment, we are specialized towards recruiting manpower from India, Indonesia, Philippines and Sri Lanka.

At the same time, aims to lead the industry with innovative practices of manpower search, recruitment and development.  


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